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At National, State, and Local Levels, Plus Three’s Clients Celebrate Major Election Victories

Posted on 11/16/2012 @ 06:00 AM

From Fundraising to Re-elect President Obama to Building Parks in Houston, @Plus_Three Is Proud of Its Clients and Their Success

WASHINGTON, DC – Plus Three, the leading online marketing firm for Hispanic causes and organizations, today recognized the achievements of its national, state, and local clients in last Tuesday's elections.

“We are so proud of our clients and the work we do for them,” said Plus Three president and co-founder, Juan Proaño. “This year, the Latino vote increased to 10% of the overall electorate, hitting double digits for the first time in American history. As the leading online fundraising and marketing firm for Latino nonprofits, Plus Three has produced some of the highest profile national campaigns and raised more money online for Latino nonprofits and candidates than any firm in the country.”

At the top of the ticket, Plus Three played a key role in rallying Latinos to support President Obama's reelection. The company worked with The Futuro Fund to raise $30 million for the Obama-Biden campaign, and worked with the Charlotte in 2012 Democratic National Convention host committee to raise $5 million and engage the citizens and media who made the 2012 Democratic National Convention a rousing success.

At the state level, Plus Three's clients made great strides across the country. New York State Senate Democrats regained their majority, the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters elected 43 of its endorsed candidates to the state Senate and House, and the Arizona Democratic Party engaged more voters than ever before. In addition, Plus Three's friend and client Joe Garcia will be the new Congressman from Florida's 26th district.

Plus Three clients won local ballot initiatives as well. In Houston, Parks By You passed a $166 million bond to transform the city through a system of connected trails and green spaces along its bayous and neighborhood parks. The Los Angeles Police Protective League also successfully fought back efforts by a billionaire businessman to undercut the strength of organized labor.

These election successes are just a few examples of Plus Three’s expertise in navigating the latest in technology, identifying trends and opportunities, and building movements to help clients achieve their goals.

To learn more, visit Plus Three’s website at, or contact Alice Lincoln at (866) 945-4889 ext. 707.

Founded in 2002, Plus Three ( is a state-of-the-art web-design and technology company that helps nonprofit, membership, and political organizations promote social change in America. Plus Three’s demonstrated commitment to developing innovative and effective online fundraising and advocacy tools has helped its clients raise over $250 million and engage over 12 million people – educating them and moving them to act in support of the causes and candidates they care about. To learn more, please visit:



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