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Changes in Latino Philanthropy

By Juan Proaño on 04/24/2013 @ 06:00 AM


Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino

The Futuro Fund

The Latino Inaugural 2013

LatinoJustice PRLDEF

Hispanics for a Fair Judiciary

Cambia tu Futuro

Latino philanthropy is changing in America. A surge in activism around immigration reform and an engaged electorate in the 2012 Presidential election has changed how Latinos view their role in the political process.

The Futuro Fund raised $32 million dollars on behalf of the Obama 2012 campaign by soliciting fellow Latinos. These contributions came from both high-dollar fundraising events and low-dollar online fundraising. This is a major milestone in American politics and one of the strongest signs yet that Latino power and influence are evolving.

The perception has been that Latinos do not give, or that if they give they give to faith-based organizations, disaster relief organizations in time of need, or to family and friends. In reality, 63% of Latino households now make charitable contributions. As the W. K. Kellogg Foundation writes, "The face of philanthropy is rapidly changing to become as ethnically, culturally and socioeconomically diverse as our country’s population."

As a Latino-owned company, Plus Three has been at the forefront of identity-based philanthropy, developing campaigns and programs for Latino non-profit organizations nationwide.

Today, we manage direct relationships with over 1.2 million Latinos, have sent over 100 million emails to Latinos, and raised over $1.5 million dollars for Latino non-profits online.

See our Latino case studies

So what does this have to do with your Latino non-profit?

Find out how Plus Three can help you develop a program that leverages the unique experience of our team and our track record of success in the field of Latino philanthropy.

No organization is too small or campaign too big. Take the first step today.


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