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Whether you're a small, local nonprofit organization or a large national organization with affiliates across the country—we have the technology you need to raise money, communicate with your supporters online, and grow your base. Here are a few examples of the type of work we do every day to help nonprofit and political organizations achieve their goals.

Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino

Over 200,000 Supporters Through Social Media

Plus Three started its engagement with the National American Latino Museum Commission in 2010. Our assignment was to grow the number of members who support the Commission and its work ahead of the submission of its report to President Obama and Congress on development of a National American Latino Museum on the Washington Mall. Prior to Plus Three beginning its work, the commission had fewer than 3,000 Facebook fans and 12,000 supporters in its email database. Just 18 months later, Plus Three has helped the National American Latino Museum garner over 200,000 supporters through social media.

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The Latino Inaugural Gala

1 Month, $1 Million—An Online Fundraising Record for Hispanic Organizations

Plus Three helped the Latino Inaugural Gala 2009 set an online fundraising record for the Hispanic community. In just one month, over $625,000 was raised online through the sale of 3,000 gala tickets. The event raised more than $1 million.

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Latino Inaugural Gala

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)

30-Day Grassroots Outreach Funnels Outrage into Online Activism, Tripling Membership

Plus Three helped the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) develop a grassroots outreach campaign that more than tripled MALDEF's membership. In doing so, MALDEF leapfrogged to the head of the sector in key metrics used for measuring progress and success online, cementing a leadership role in engaging Latinos online.

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100,000 New Members and $2.6 Million in 10 Days

One of our first projects using ARCOS was to manage the NAACP's Hurricane Katrina emergency response campaign. The NAACP raised over $2.6 million in hurricane relief funds from 5,000 first-time donors online through ARCOS within 10 days of the storm’s devastating landfall on the Gulf coast – a record for the NAACP. We also expanded our work to include a full re-branding and online membership drive that brought 100,000 new members to the organization.

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