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Raise More Money from More People

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that the Internet is a virtual ATM for political and nonprofit fundraising. The reality is that online fundraising does provide many benefits over direct mail and telemarketing—but even the most sophisticated organizations must work continuously to recruit and retain online donors and activists. The Internet is a crowded field and successful campaigns have to distinguish themselves and their cause.

Our approach to online fundraising consists of four pillars:

  • Provide the best online fundraising tools available. Our ARCOS technology platform includes all the fundraising tools you need to succeed, including easily customizable one-time and recurring giving, tribute giving, community fundraising, itemized giving, membership purchase and renewal, in-language giving, ticket purchase, A/B testing, and telemarketing. ARCOS leads the the industry in ease-of-use, flexibility, security, and stability.
  • Make it easy. Our tools make it simple to create and manage even the most advanced fundraising pages, campaigns, and emails. Your fundraising tools are on the same platform as your website, donor database and email delivery tools so you're not stuck trying to coordinate multiple systems that don't play nicely. Finely segmenting your list is a breeze. Real-time reporting and analytics are built-in so you can maximize your results with a minimum of effort.
  • Make it cost-effective. Our fees are limited to one-time setup fees and a simple monthly hosting and support fee. We don't charge per-contribution, per-email, or per-user fees, and we don't hold on to your money—every dollar you raise goes straight from the donor to your bank account.
  • Be a trusted resource. We have nearly a decade of experience in online fundraising and have raised over $250 million. Need help? We can provide as much or as little support as you need to plan a successful program.

We’ve raised over $250 million online


Build Your Base of Supporters

Finding new activists and donors is primarily a matter of strong fundamentals: solid organic growth, careful acquisition, and cross-channel marketing driven by sophisticated modeling and analysis.

Plus Three can help you grow your list by helping you set realistic goals, developing a data-driven strategy for achieving them, monitoring your progress, and recommending adjustments along the way.

Our proven approach makes use of several key tactics, including:

  • Targeting and timing. Our technology platform stores detailed records of every action a supporter has taken on your site. Through careful analysis of this data, we can help you nurture supporters, moving them up a ladder of engagement that logically leads to financial support.
  • Building detailed statistical models of your donor and activist base. Applying this model to a pool of potential prospects can easily pinpoint the best possible candidates for viral acquisition.
  • Taking advantage of social networks. The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to learn about and respond to the individual concerns of their supporters, including creating online communities, offering opportunities for user-generated content, and providing outlets for online activism. It also allows you to tap into social networks to sustain momentum and respond quickly when a topic "goes viral."

We’ve engaged over 12 million people, developing prospects into activists & donors.

Get Elected

Plus Three has an exceptional track record of success in the political sector. Our client roster has included campaigns, committees, and PACs at the federal, state, and local level, including the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional and Senatorial Campaign Committees, John Kerry for President, John Edwards for President, federal and state senatorial and congressional races, and the Ohio Democratic Party.

Our software and strategies have contributed to dozens of major political milestones. We were the first company to harness the power of community fundraising for political campaigns, raising more than $2 million for the DNC through the e-Patriots program launched in 2003. The DNC used our software to out-raise their Republican counterparts for the first time ever during the 2004 election cycle. In 2006, our fundraising and marketing strategies helped pour more than $18 million into the successful DSCC and DCCC efforts to take back Congress. We helped elect Sen. Bob Menendez, the first Latino Senator in the Senate, two women Governors, two women Senators, and 58 female Congressmen.

Our software provides everything a campaign needs to succeed online from content and constituent relationship management tools, rapid bulk email delivery, and the industry's best and most innovative fundraising tools. On the cutting edge? You bet. We have the best viral marketing and community organizing tools available.

“Plus Three helped us do the impossible, a total website overhaul right before an election. The results were great, and Plus Three has since become an integral part of our staff. I couldn't imagine working without them as a part of our team.” — Gil Wilson, CLW

Engage A Diverse Audience

While some organizations naturally target a demographic niche, many organizations that target broader populations are just starting to realize: if you aren't reaching out to a diverse audience, you're missing out on the majority of the population.

Plus Three, a minority- and female-owned company, has extensive experience working with organizations to engage HIspanic and African American populations, women, the Jewish community, and the LGBT community.

While each project we take on requires a unique approach, the fundamentals of reaching your target audience are constant. A successful, multifaceted viral marketing campaign requires direct email marketing, community outreach through social networks and blogs, partner and affiliate marketing, and targeted keyword advertising.

Learn more:

  • Hispanic Strategies
    Plus Three has produced some of the highest profile national campaigns for Latino nonprofit organizations and raised more money online for Latino nonprofit organizations and candidates than anyone in the country. Learn more.

We tripled MALDEF's membership in just one month.


Drive the Debate

Plus Three has successfully driven advocacy campaigns for nonprofits and political groups, including successful campaigns to see Sonia Sotomayor confirmed for U.S. Supreme Court Justice and to force the resignation of Lou Dobbs from CNN.

Large or small, your organization depends on its supporters. Whatever your message, taking control of the debate requires you to grow your "base" and engage them across channels, clearly communicating your message, responding quickly in a fast-paced environment, and providing them with the tools they need to be your advocates.

ARCOS gives you the complete suite of online advocacy tools your supporters need to advance your cause, including:

  • Contact Your Elected Officials
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Call Talk Radio
  • Petitions
  • Tell-A-Friend Forms
  • Volunteer Forms
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration
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