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Content Management (CMS)

Some of the world's biggest nonprofits, advocacy, membership, and political organizations use ARCOS to publish website and email communications faster and with fewer mistakes.

ARCOS was built to allow anyone in your organization to post or update content quickly so that your website stays up-to-date with compelling content—a must in today's dynamic media environment.

It really is simple. We're not kidding when we say it's as easy to post a press release as it is to create a custom contribution form.

ARCOS also lets you easily stay in contact with your supporters through email, and monitor the effectiveness of your communications.

Most importantly, our advanced workflow and permission controls let you decide exactly which ARCOS users can do what so that nothing goes live or is sent without going through the approval process that your organization follows.

Easy, Flexible Content Entry

Posting new material to your website is as simple as typing content into a form—no technical staff required. it's as easy to post a press release as it is to create a custom contribution form.

Adding photos, audio, and video to your website is easy, too. With our advanced asset management, your online team will always have ready access to an intelligently organized, fully searchable repository of your organization's digital media—a must in this YouTube era.

You have unrestricted access to the templates that control the look and feel of your website.

Managing multiple websites? No problem. Multiple websites can be managed from ARCOS; the same content can even be published to one or more sites with a different look and feel on each site.

Digital Media Library

ARCOS includes a digital media library where you can store all of your organization's rich media, such as images, video, audio, PDF documents, and Flash. Your files are stored in a single, organized, and searchable database and available immediately to be published on your website or in your emails.

Each media asset can be tagged with caption, copyright, alt text, source information, and notes.

ARCOS also includes advanced image editing functionality that lets you rotate, crop, resize, and optimize images without the need for Photoshop or other graphics software.

Flexible Workflow

Allows your organization to set up custom workflow processes to support your content-publishing policies. Distribute responsibilities for contributing, editing, and publishing content. Enable alerts to users at each stage of the process.

When the stakes are high and the consequences of errors are severe, your workflow matters. ARCOS gives you total control over who has permission to create, edit, approve, and publish new content and a complete transaction log of all actions. As content moves along your vetting process, reviewers are automatically notified to give immediate feedback or approval. Plus, ARCOS always saves a backup of each new version of a story, so undoing your changes is just a click away.

Version Control

Users check out content in to their personal workspace for editing and check back in upon completion. Every version of the content is stored in the database with a detailed log of changes. Easily revert to a previous version when required or check the version of content that was live on the website at any time to satisfy auditing requirements.

Secure Administration

Multiple levels of user access provide granular control over what content individual users can read, edit or publish. Permissions manage access to specified websites and sections and levels of each website. This allows departments to manage their own websites & web pages.

Integrated Online Marketing

Integrated email and & social media tools make it easy for your program staff to build an integrated campaign including targeted emails, custom landing pages, activism & advocacy features and detailed reporting that integrates email performance and user behavior on the website.

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