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Email Marketing

Email is still the primary tool for online fundraising and organizing. ARCOS is the fastest, easiest way to email a personal message to every one of your supporters.

Mail-Merge Customization

Give your communications an individualized feel with effortless mail-merge style customization and conditional content. Your options are virtually limitless. Personalize the subject line as you see fit. Customize the amount you ask a donor to give based on his most recent gift amount. Encourage petition signers to tell a friend.

A/B Testing

Instead of guessing what works, run quick and automatic A/B tests. The results can tell you which subject line yields a higher open rate, at what time of day your recipients are more responsive, or what content will compel them to action.

Unlimited Mailing Templates

Our email templates are thoroughly tested to render properly in all major email clients. We also give you complete control over your mailing templates. You can make as many different templates or changes to the templates as you like.

Send with Confidence

We maintain whitelist relationships with email providers so that you can rest assured that your email is delivered. Don't take our word for it, though. We provide the most detailed by-domain email reports so you can see your bounce, open, and click rates at AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and all the other email domains you send to.

Email Campaign Tracking

Our email campaign reports are the best in the business. At a glance you can see everything you would expect—bounce, open, click, and opt-out rates—and so much more, including:

  • The amount of money raised by the campaign, and each mailing and link within it
  • By-domain statistics, including a comparison to the last 30-days
  • The number of times a non-mailing link (redirect) was followed, and the amount of money raised as a result


An autoresponder email can be attached to any form on your site so that a person who completes that form will get a personalized message thanking them or encouraging them to take further action.

Easy, Powerful Segmentation

Our graphical segmentation tool is the industry's easiest, fastest way to target specific populations of your supporter list. With a few clicks, you can create a segment of people within a certain radius of an address, donors who haven't fulfilled their commitment this year, petition signers who opened an email in the last 2 weeks, or whatever else you might want. We can store virtually any data you have about members of your list, and if we store the data, you can easily segment on it.

Our segments are 100% dynamic. As supporters join your list and develop into activists and donors, we automatically shuffle them from one segment to the next according to the criteria you define.

Prefer to write your own SQL query instead? No worries. We support that, too.

Scheduled & Recurring Mailings

Have an email that needs to go out at 8 a.m., but you'll be on a flight to Denver? No problem! You can send email immediately or schedule it to be sent in the future.

Do you send a birthday message to your supporters, or a monthly notification to recurring donors whose credit cards are expiring soon? Use a recurring mailing and you only have to set up that mailing one time—it will go out automatically to all the right people when you want it to all on its own.

Automated Onboarding Process

Time is incredibly precious. With limited staff resources, how can you ensure that new supporters are properly welcomed to the organization and made to feel at home? An onboarding campaign can help.

In an onboarding campaign, you set up a series of emails that you want a new supporter to receive and when you want him to receive them. For example, you may want to send each new supporter an email immediately, more information in 3 days, and a survey in a week.

The campaign is set-and-forget: once it is set up, you don't have to lift another finger. Your supporter will be greeted automatically and encouraged to take whatever next steps you want.

Unlimited Subscription Lists

You can create as many subscription lists as you like, which lets your supporters sign up for updates about exactly what they are interested in. If their interests change, they can update their preferences on their profile page.

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