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Fundraising & Donations

Don't let money stand between your organization and its goals. Our industry-leading online fundraising tools will help you cultivate and maintain a healthy donor base. Just ask our clients—we've helped them raise over $250 million online.

We have the most advanced suite of fundraising tools available, including recurring, tribute, itemized, and in-language giving, personal and team fundraising, membership processing, event ticketing, and support for telemarketing donation caging.

Plus, we process donations without adding any per-transaction fees and we never ever hold on to your money—it goes directly from the donor to you.

Recurring Giving

Recurring giving (also known as regular or monthly giving) is a powerful fundraising technique that organizations of all sizes can incorporate alongside their other fundrasiing strategies. It is easy to implement and provides a steady stream of income from your most faithful supporters.

Adding automated recurring giving options to any or all of your contribution forms can be done with a few clicks. Once set up, donors may elect to become a sustaining donor and can manage their donation schedule by logging in to their personal donor profile page. The actual payment processing is entirely automatic so you don't have to lift a finger.

Tribute Giving

Allowing donors to give in honor of memory of a friend, family member, or organization is a powerful and easy fundraising technique and a standard feature we offer.

Itemized Giving

Raising money for multiple purposes? Our itemized contribution forms let you direct money from a single form to multiple bank accounts automatically. You can let donors split their contribution equally among all options or enter specific amounts for each recipient.

Even if the money is going to the same bank account, in some cases giving reticent supporters options for how their money will be allocated can encourage them to become a donor for the first time.

Personal & Team Fundraising

ARCOS gives you powerful community fundraising tools. Planning a walkathon? Working with bundlers who support a candidate? Now your members can easily create personal fundraising pages and use built-in tools to invite their friends and family to donate in their name. Encourage competition by displaying a leaderboard and offering incentives to the most successful fundraisers.

Membership Processing

Running a membership campaign using ARCOS is easy. You can offer supporters new or renewal memberships at an unlimited number of different levels and capture any information you need from them to process their membership. Memberships can also be purchased on behalf of someone else.

If you'd like, members can be granted access to protected portions of your website automatically, and lose access when their membership expires.

Event Ticketing

Hosting an event? We can help set up payment forms so you can sell different levels of tickets, tables, and sponsorships online. Believe it! We helped the Latino Inaugural Gala sell 3,000 tickets in just 30 days.

In-Language Giving

We are unique in the industry in offering fully translated contribution forms, including support for multibyte characters and in-language error messages.

Custom Forms

We give you complete control over your contribution forms. You can add and remove fields from the form, change what information is required, or adjust the layout in seconds.


Does your organization process credit card contributions on behalf of donors, or hire a telemarketing staff to do this? ARCOS includes a caging system that lets you pull up any record and process a donation or any other type of payment directly.

Easy Import/Export

All your contribution data can be easily imported or exported in common formats, making integration with other systems a breeze.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

You can watch transactions occur in real time, including detailed failed contribution reporting that lets you quickly identify and assist potential donors. Each contribution is tagged with a tracking code so you can easily identify where it was made, whether it was in response to an email campaign or offline marketing campaign, and add a source code of your own, if you would like.

No Limits

We don't believe in limiting your ability to succeed. We process donations without adding any per-transaction fees and we never ever hold on to your money—it goes directly from the donor to you.

Our contribution systems have also been tested time and again in extremely fast-paced giving environments—following natural disasters, and in presidential campaigns—and they passed with flying colors. We can even support contribution processing in those rare occasions when other parts of the processing infrastructure out of our control can't by capturing the donor's information and scheduling the transaction to be processed at the next available opportunity—so there are truly no limits to how much you can raise.

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