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Plus Three is a small, profitable start up committed to using and contributing to Open Source and Free Software to deliver better, more robust solutions to our clients. Our systems support fundraising, building activist communities and increasing the communication between our clients and their constituents.

This position will support Plus Three Project Managers and Developers with the implementation, launch and maintenance of client websites, blogs and email campaigns.

Required Education

  • Associates degree or equivalent experience
  • 2-3 years doing HTML/CSS work

Primary Responsibilities

  • Convert Photoshop documents into HTML
  • Perform ongoing changes to existing sites and blogs

Required Skills

  • Photoshop (or Gimp)
    You do not need to be a wizard, but you do need to know how to convert a PSD into good clean HTML and how to optimize images for clarity and size.
  • HTML and CSS
    We are looking for someone with good knowlegde of modern best practices (responsive design, tableless-layout, semantic markup, etc). We are not looking for Dreamweaver or WYSIWYG weenies. Gotta know it, browser incompatabilities, warts and all.
  • JavaScript
    The more you know, the better. If you can put together interesting things based on what you've seen other sites do - good. If you can write your own effects and libraries - even better.
  • Templating Systems
    Knowing how to use an HTML templating system is very important for the sites and blogs that we develop. Ever worked on a system that uses Django, ClearSilver, HTML::Template, TAL, Vignette, eRuby, Rails or sometimes even PHP? Good. Can you work with variables, loops and conditionals? Even better.
  • Communication Skills
    You have to be able to take critique (and not take it personally) and know how to ask for help.
  • Desire to Learn
    The internet is a constantly changing place and you need to be willing to keep up with it.
  • Attention to detail and high level of consistency.

Desired Skills (Extra Special Super Bonus Points)

  • Modern Javascript libraries (jQuery, Prototype, etc)
  • Bug reporting systems (Bugzilla, RT, Trac, etc.)
  • Subversion (or another Source Code Management system)
  • XML (for RSS, Podcasting, etc.)
  • Video editing capabilities
  • Flash creation and editing


  • This is a part-time/contract position. Hourly rate depends on experience.

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This position is a Virtual Location. Employs can work from home.

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