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Community Organizing

Community organizing is one of the most challenging activities, and the most effective. We provide the best online tools for community organizing. Period.

We work with many national organizations that have either formal or loosely organized state and local chapters. Our software provides the tools you need to:

  • create locally branded chapter sites or subsites
  • collect and disseminate relevant local and community-generated content
  • organize supporters into local chapters and delegate responsibility to your local leaders
  • provide your supporters with tools to communicate with each other, plan events, and advance your cause

Blogging & Social Networking

Blogging and social networking have become important components of successful community organizing. By networking your supporters and delegating authority to them, you can increase your reach while more effectively using your staff members' limited time.

ARCOS supports all the features you expect in a blog, including comments, tagging, RSS feeds, podcasts, photo blogs, and video blogs.

You can also invite your readers to create their own diaries under the umbrella of your site, cementing their ties to your organization and allowing user-generated content to add vitality to your site. Advanced moderation features make it easy to identify and reward top contributors and to warn and ban trolls and spammers.

Plus, built-in integration with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other leading social media networks gives you immediate access to new prospects in these existing communities.

Volunteer Management

ARCOS includes easy-to-use volunteer forms that let you survey supporters to see who is willing to volunteer, what skills they possess, their availability, and any other data you need to successfully incorporate volunteers into your programs.


You, your supporters, or both can create and RSVP to events.

Points & Leaderboards

Successful organizing requires careful and consistent attention from your staff. Plus Three's points system gives your organizers a new way to incentivize activism and reward results.

The premise is simple. Your users earn "points" for completing online and offline goals that you prescribe: sign a petition, recruit five friends, organize a house party, etc. Chapters earn points based on the collective action of their members, fostering a team atmosphere. Your organization can use the points system to reward contest winners or to manage sophisticated premium programs.

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