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A couple of years ago, organizations who were taking advantage of in-house and other social networks were cutting-edge. Today, incorporating social networks to at least some degree is essential.

We work hard to make this sometimes daunting challenge easy. Whether you choose to develop an in-house social network or leverage the power of Facebook and Twitter—or both!—we are continually developing our software to facilitate creating a vibrant and active community for your supporters to thrive and develop into activists and donors.


With over 200 million monthly active users, about half of whom are signing in and communicating with their friends on a daily basis, Facebook provides an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to engage supporters. As importantly, Facebook is an opportunity for organizations to attract their supporters' second-degree connections, which tend to be more receptive to engagement and more likely to support your cause.

We support all levels of Facebook integration from simple widget placement to application-level interaction that connects your website directly with Facebook.


Newer to the party but no less of a force to be reckoned with, Twitter is here to stay. Organizations of all sizes should incorporate Twitter in their marketing strategies—and we make it easy.

Every time you publish new content to your website, we give you the option to immediately publish a Twitter tweet, too, without ever logging in to Twitter. It's a helpful reminder and a huge timesaver.

You can also easily display Twitter feeds and Twitter search results anywhere on your site, or integrate any and all of the latest Twitter tools into your site. We like helping our clients push the boundaries.


Blogging turns traditional one-way online communications into a true dialogue with your community of supporters. ARCOS supports all the features you expect in a blog, including comments, tagging, RSS feeds, podcasts, photo blogs, and video blogs.

You can also invite your readers to create their own diaries under the umbrella of your site, cementing their ties to your organization and allowing user-generated content to add vitality to your site. Advanced moderation features make it easy to identify and reward top contributors and to warn and ban trolls and spammers.

Plus, built-in integration with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other leading social media networks gives you immediate access to new prospects in these existing communities.

Profile Pages

If you want to build a vibrant community online, your members will need to have a place to call home on your website. Civitas enables each of your members to create a custom profile page—their own personal space within your site where they can share information about themselves, publish their own blog, share online media and manage self-organized events. They can link to friends and family, send messages to other community members, and keep up with what's going on on a running "wall of comments". In short, Civitas offers everything they'll need to feel right at home.

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