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Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting is essential to great strategy.

ARCOS gives you detailed reports and analysis about every action taken on your site and in response to your bulk email campaigns. You can also track transactions which began offline, import offline transactions, and upload unlimited amounts of data about your supporters.

If you want additional reports or analysis, a database administrator will work with you to create a custom report, and all your data is easily importable/exportable, making integration with other systems and outside analysis a breeze.

Contribution Reporting

You can watch transactions occur in real time, including detailed failed contribution reporting that lets you quickly identify and assist potential donors. Each contribution is tagged with a tracking code so you can easily identify where it was made, whether it was in response to an email campaign or offline marketing campaign, and add a source code of your own, if you would like.

Email Campaign Reporting

Our email campaign reports are the best in the business. At a glance you can see everything you would expect—bounce, open, click, and opt-out rates—and so much more, including:

  • The amount of money raised the campaign, and each mailing and link within it
  • By-domain statistics, including a comparison to the last 30-days
  • The number of times a non-mailing link (redirect) was followed, and the amount of money raised as a result

Activity Reports

For each form on the site you can see and download important information, including:

  • detailed transactional reports of every person who has taken action on that form
  • how many and which of these people are new to your list
  • conversion (number of submissions per page view)
  • time-series comparison reporting of all metrics

Web Usage & Google Analytics

We include standard awstats web usage reports and integrate with Google Analytics to let you easily understand your website's performance over time.

Custom Reports

We firmly believe in providing the reports you need to succeed—so if the built-in reports don't give you everything you need, a database administrator will work with you to create custom reports.

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